Strong.  Stronger.  Strongest.

Stretch your flexibility and build bone strength   

You stand tall, head held high.  Being aware of your body’s needs and nurturing it, you are committed to protecting the gifts you have been given.  You are strong and resilient like a tree, bending and swaying gracefully under pressure but standing tall knowing your foundation is solid. 

Innovite Health believes that a strong core begins with a strong nutritional foundation, helping to restore nutrients, repair the body and reclaim your health.  Ground-breaking natural ingredients, combined with the latest scientific research and clinical evidence is used to create the most natural and effective formulas to optimize your health.  Battle hard against the general wear and tear on your body.  Help in the fight against musculoskeletal afflictions like osteoporosis and natural muscle loss.   Our therapies includes support for: muscle building, bone, joint and skin health.